• Meat bone slicing machine

Meat bone slicing machine

Description:Meat bone slicing machine is for cutting meat with bone to pieces.

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Cut frozen ribs, cheese, bacon, ham, bacon, sausage, meat, fish, chicken steak, duck, etc. into slices. The cutting thickness is adjustable. The machine is convenient and quick to clean, simple and safe to operate, and is an ideal equipment in the field of meat deep processing.

1. The safety protection performance is good. After the discharge chute, door and feed chute are opened, the rotating cutter stops immediately.

2. The cutting knife and intelligent claw are easy to disassemble and assemble.
3. The five-level design of the intelligent cutting special claw is adjustable to prevent the product from falling off and ensure the quality of the product.
4. The whole machine is designed and manufactured by thickened 304 stainless steel, which is safe, stable and beautiful.
5. Spindle reducer (German Nord brand), servo motor is Panasonic. The electrical components (contactors and breakers are Siemens), PLC and relays are Omron, and the control panel adopts a text display.
6. The operation interface is intelligently displayed, and the digital setting is convenient to adjust and the accuracy is high.


Dimension: 1700*800*1220 mm

Maximum material size: 640*170*135 mm

Cutting thickness: 1-40mm

Cutting speed: 160 pieces/min

Power: 3.4 kw/ 380v/ 50hz/ 3 phase

Machine weight: 400 kg

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