• Shrimp peeling and deveining machine

Shrimp peeling and deveining machine

Description:Shrimp peeling and deveining machine can peel and devein shrimp automatically and has different peeling style.

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Peel and devein raw, headless shrimp as large as 21/25-70/90 count (pcs per pound).

Different peeling style available, meeting different customer's needs.

Touch screen with memory function, more convenient for different products.
System with remote controlling function, the seller’s engineer can fix problems for customer remotely.


Dimension:1040*930*1300 mm
Power: 1.5 kw/ 220v/ 50hz/ single phase
Peeling range: From 21/25 to 71/90
Shrimp peeling speed:Max. 70pcs/min.
Water consumption:120L/h
Water pressure:0.4mpa
Machine net weight: 230 kg
Water: 35 to 45 gallons/h at 30 to 50 psi pressure with floor drainage.