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New vegetable centrifuge is shipped to Singapore

Vegetable centrifuge is for drying fresh cut vegetables such like washed salad, cabbage cole slaw and etc.

New vegetable centrifuge is shipped to Singapore

New vegetable centrifuge is designed this year in 2021. After the product went on the market, the response was strong and it was well received by consumers.

The new vegetable centrifuge's lid is completely transparent. Convenient for observing vegetables inside basket. The main body use 3 mm thickness stainless steel plate. Strong and heavy enough to keep the machines stable without any moving during working period.

Before shipping, we take testing videos and check machines carefully. Customer is very satisfied with the vegetable centrifuge after checking videos and pictures. Machines move fuluently and without any noise. 

About the package, we use good quality thick plywood case. It will protect our machines during the long time transportation.

Thanks for the support of customer from Singapore!

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